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Stampdile Ltd was formed in 1980 by Clive Feigenbaum, a devoted philatelist for virtually all his live. He started dealing as a schoolboy and by the age of 18, had his own stamp shop in Paddington. During the 1970’s, Clive pioneered the introduction of topical or thematic collecting, first through his British Local issues and later as a philatelic agent, acting as consultant to various governments. In 1984, he became chairman at Stanley Gibbons – a role where he still actively promoted thematic collecting.

Earlier in 1967, Clive qualified from the City University of London as an optician but philately soon took over. During his career, he developed a fine all-round philatelic knowledge with a particular understanding for stamps of the Middle East and Israel. Outside of philately, Clive played rugby for the South Eastern Counties and was a fine cricketer playing at club level until just before his death in 2007.

Clive’s son Jonathan joined the company in 1994 and since his father’s death has been busy running Stampdile Ltd and their wholesale business, Rosen & Son. Like his father, Jonathan has had a lifetime’s interest in philately having developed a particular interest in all sports related material.As a child he collected any stamps relating to football and later progressed into cricket, while at college he operated a stamp new issue service specialising in cricket, golf and rugby.

The Stampdile presence has been a notable feature at International Exhibitions over the last two decades during which time the company has made many important contacts. Their impressive stock and wealth of important contacts helps contribute to a philatelic service that has no equal. Stampdile prides itself of being able to offer something to everyone from novice collector just staring out, to the most advanced collector or exhibition exhibitor.

Stampdile also has a showroom in Harrow, Middlesex one of the last remaining stamp shops outside central London where one can pick up a philatelic bargain or any philatelic accessory.

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